• 1: Login/create an account at “” in 5 secs. Please change url to only if it’s anything else. Select few products and create a browsing history. Then hit “Gift Cards & Registry” option in the top.
    And click “eGift Cards”.
  • 2: Choose “Standard” as the gift card design
  • 3: Make sure that you’ve entered the exact same amount as your order total, that is mentioned in the top.
  • 4: Enter Your Own Email ID in the “To” field, and write your name in the “From” field.
  • 5: Enter your full name mentioned in shipping details in the “Message” field.
    We will pull out details from your name and email ID.
  • 6: Click Proceed to Checkout. You may have to login before paying for your Amazon Gift Card.
  • 7: In the “Select a payment method” screen, enter your card information at the next screen if it’s not saved already, add it and continue.
  • 8: Finally review and confirm your Amazon Gift Card purchase. That’s it!
  • 9: Now, you should receive the giftcard in your own email in an hour, just forward that email to our email id: “[email protected]

Congratulations! You’ve successfully paid for your OnUpton order by sending us an Amazon Gift Card.

Note: Sometimes they may ask for verification after 10mins of payment so you can just do it and then the giftcard will be approved from Amazon.